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In this area it is possible to view all the products of our production. The search is very simple: enough to choose a shape, a decoration or only a shape or only a decoration or all the decoration and all the shape and click on “search”.

The shapes of the handicraft laboratory of Gina Pelli are simple and recall a taste classic and modern with decoration from the 1500 until now.
The most used shapes are: plates from pump, water jugs, amphoras, vases, jars, pictures, trays, goblets, center table, ink pots, jars for pharmacy, boxes, medals, jewellery boxes, floor tiles.
The most decorations in use are: Raffaellesco, color and in green Grotesque, color and blue Ricco Deruta, pens of peacock, geometric and color flower Vario, adorned with birds on blue, red, green, black, gray. Adorned with dolphins on red, blue, gray, green, black.
Reproduction of painting works of artists of the past, and various medals type cameo.

The prices
Our laboratory will supply the price list to those who will make some demanded through email or fax. Moreover, submitting the newsletter, you will receive our price list and you will be able to enjoy special reductions in price and promotions.

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